Public Safety Operations Sales Tax

Public Safety Operations Sales Tax

As of February 29th, 2020


The sales tax collected from the Public Safety Operations Sales Tax is slightly higher than projected as seen in the graph below. The City started collecting the sales tax in March 2014. To date, the City has received $12,190,661 and the amount in reserves for 2019 is $1,032,065, which has been used to supplement the current year expenses. Below is how the current reserve balance is figured:


 Year 5 (2018)  Year 6 (2019) Year 7 (2020)
Revenues $  2,029,795 Revenues $    2,157,310 Revenues $  372,090
County Reimbursement $       65,592 County Reimbursement $         65,592 County Reimbursement $      0
Reserves Year 4 $     848,667 Reserves Year 5 $      915,629 Reserves Year 6 $ 1,032,065
Expenditures ($2,028,426) Expenditures   ($2,104,986) Expenditures  ($366,473)
Reserves $     915,628 Reserves   $  1,032,065
Reserves Balance: $  1,037,682


Revenues vs. Expenses

The sales tax received from the Public Safety Operations Sales Tax for the current month is $198,015 and the expenses for 2020 are $366,473.

Police Department

The focus of the Pittsburg Police Department’s comprehensive plan for expending public safety sales tax funding is to increase department staffing levels, with an emphasis on placing additional resources in patrol and also creating specialty units; such as developing a crime analysis unit and a standalone narcotics unit. Additional funding will be used to replace antiquated equipment, particularly the department’s current records management system.  This system, once acquired, will move the agency into the modern era of policing, commonly referred to as intelligence-led policing.  With additional staffing and state of the art equipment, the police department may better address our community’s crime and social problems in a more effective and efficient manner. Currently, the Pittsburg Police Department has fully staffed the positions promised in the Public Safety Sales Tax.

  • Polygraph Machine
  • Tasers
  • Ammunition
  • Software, GIS Aerial Mapping
  • Investigations SUV
  • Records Management System Software
  • Network and Data Core Equipment
  • Uniforms
  • Vehicle Leases
  • SRT

Fire Department

There are four separate concentrations that are included in the public safety sales tax for the Pittsburg Fire Department.  The first item is the replacement of a 30-year old Fire Engine that will be located at Fire Station #1.  The second is the necessary replacement of our Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and air compressor.  The third item is the replacement of our protective structural firefighting bunker gear. The final component is additional funding for the necessary training of our Firefighters in emergency scene operations.

  • Bunker Gear
  • Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
  • New Fire Truck
  • Training


Thank you for supporting Public Safety!