Welcome to Pittsburg! We’re a small Midwestern community with a very forward-thinking attitude, set on being a great place to visit or live. Whether you’re checking out one of our many local boutiques and shops or enjoying our vibrant arts and music scene, grabbing a bite to eat in one of our many restaurants or participating in some outdoor recreation, looking to start or grow your business, or planning to move in or just visit for the weekend, we’re confident you’ll find something here that you love. Whatever brought you here, we’re glad you found us.

– Jeremy Johnson, Mayor of Pittsburg

Tucked away in the southwest corner of Kansas, Pittsburg is a thriving community of hardworking people. This forward-moving city is the place to put down your roots.

Why Pittsburg?

In Pittsburg we have the small town feel and family atmosphere with all the amenities as a large city, without all the busy hustle and bustle. Our city offers the very best in education, healthcare, sightseeing, outdoor activities, housing, work and more. We are home to friendly faces and welcoming people who are eager to see Pittsburg grow. Our community is focused on investing in the future with our forward-thinking attitude. We are moving forward together.


Funding Success

Not only will you find a strong community in Pittsburg, but a place to build your life and to grow your family. We make decisions based on what is best for the people who have decided to plant their lives here, and they have repeatedly shown financial commitment to improvement. The citizens of Pittsburg have approved sales taxes for economic development, capital outlay, auditorium operations, and street improvements. In 2013, they approved a sales tax to better fund public safety through the Police and Fire Departments. In 2017, voters approved a $31M bond package to add storm shelters and other improvements to school facilities. Approving these taxes have allowed the City to create a better, safer environment for everyone and shows the community’s willingness to take responsibility for its future.


Resident Well-Being

Pittsburg is proud to be the regional hub for healthcare in Southeast Kansas. Pittsburg is able to offer quality healthcare to all residents. We care deeply about the well-being of our neighbors and we make sure that the best care is available and accessible to everyone.


Educating our Youth

Education in Pittsburg is top-notch because we know the things we teach young people today will affect our city for years to come. Great education is a priority to us because we know it is a priority to the families that live here.

The community of Pittsburg puts people first by putting time and money into things that matter. We are a small town with high standards and we are constantly pushing our city forward with growth and improvement.


Things to do

There’s always something going on in Pittsburg, from shows and concerts, to fitness and festivals. You can’t beat the local food and shopping in Pittsburg. Whatever cuisine you’re craving, you can find it in Pittsburg. The City of Pittsburg Parks & Recreation Department hosts classes, camps and activities all year long. Southeast Kansas has a rich history that emanates today in our everyday lives. Because of this, there’s a lot to learn and a lot to see. We make it easy to  get involved with the community in Pittsburg by providing activities for everyone, no matter your interests.


Local Economy

The City of Pittsburg has a flourishing local economy and is the place to plant your roots and grow alongside the city. The cost of living in Pittsburg is well below the national and state average. We believe by balancing the cost of living and job growth, our city gives a quality of life that is unmatched. The average home price in Pittsburg is $81,300 and job growth is increasing faster than the national average. Unemployment is lower in Pittsburg than the national average and dropping, which in turn is causing poverty rates to decline as well. We are propelling Pittsburg to be an even more cost-effective place to live with declining unemployment and cost of living and a rise in quality of life.

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“When we moved back to Pittsburg, we were hoping it would be a great place to raise our girls, it was!”

Rob and Monica Murnan

“My family loves living in a “college town” where we have easy and affordable access to visiting speakers and writers, music and theater productions, and sporting events.”

Jeff Poe

“The best thing about Pittsburg is the supportive community! We have amazing activities for families. Pittsburg feels like a big supportive hug!”

Goldie McClellan Prelogar

“First and foremost, it’s the people that make Pittsburg great, lots of poets, artists, and musicians, young and old. And then, there’s lots of choices of Fried Chicken of course... so that’s another bonus.”

James Ortolani

"Pittsburg is a great place to SHOP! From the fantastic flea markets and crafts people, to boutiques with fashion-forward and unique finds, to first-class garden stores and greenhouses.”

Sydney Anselmi

“Our community sticks together and we have some awesome people and schools here. Everything you need in one small town!”

Charleen Workman