The City of Pittsburg’s schools, civic organizations, churches, and businesses make up the fabric of a community united by a shared sense of pride and a common mindset around a single purpose – to make this a great place to live.

Here are some interesting statistics and facts about the City of Pittsburg:

City of Pittsburg 20,398
Crawford County 39,278


Gross Median Family Income  $31,786
Average Size 2.36 persons
City Households 7,972
Median value of owner‐occupied housing units  $81,300
Median Age 26.2


Pittsburg State University 7,244 students
USD 250 Public Schools 2,945 students
St. Mary’s‐Colgan Schools 628 students


Educational Attainment (25 years old+)  Pittsburg Kansas Nation
High School or Higher 90.1% 89.8% 88.31%
Bachelor’s or Higher 34% 30.3% 31.96%
Graduate or Professional 13% 5.45% 11.7%

Source: Consenus.gov quick facts


Elevation 942 feet
City Streets 142 miles
City Limits, square miles 13.1
Public Parks 14
Total number of firms 1,627
Women‐owned firms 29.2%
Bachelor’s degree or higher, % of persons age 25+ 32.2%
Mean travel time to work (minutes)  14.3